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Land use, productivity and environmental impacts

Ian Crute - Talk on land use, productivity and sustainability

Ian Crute – Talk on land use, productivity and sustainability

Ian Crute, Scientific Director of Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and former Director of both Rothamsted Research and Horticultural Research International, has posted slides from a valuable talk on 16 Jan “Land-use in the UK:  balancing productivity with environmental impacts“. I heard about this talk via Alan Spedding and the terrific resource Rusource, giving briefings on many issues affecting agriculture and the rural environment: see the Rusource page to subscribe to the weekly newsletter and Twitter feed.

Ian’s talk brings together lots of valuable facts and figures, from the UK and globally, as well as having a nice emphasis on the genetic contribution to sustainability and production. I was just preparing lectures for our Biodiversity and Sustainability undergraduate course and will certainly base a class around this slide set.

This is not the only presentation of note at the conference: all the talks are on the Farming Futures
website at http://www.farmingfutures.org.uk/presentation/farming-futuresceukf-ahdb-conference-producing-more-less-%E2%80%93-new-metrics-sustainable-agri and several others are recommended strongly!

Original presentation: http://www.farmingfutures.org.uk/sites/default/files/presentations/Ian%20Crute%20CEUKF%20Present.pdf

Edit 4 Feb: Manuscript containing much of this material:





Link for local use with PW


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